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On Thursday, 28th November, 2013, the FID held its inaugural one day conference entitled ‘Taking the Profit Out Of Crime – A Collaborative Approach’ at the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel, Kingston, Jamaica.

The 2013 Conference adopted a multipronged approach and its objectives were to:

  • Improve communication with critical partners and external customers;
  • Inform stakeholders about the role and responsibility of the FID, the threats of money laundering and its effects on the Jamaican economy;
  • Educate persons about the legislation under the AML/CFT regime, promote public awareness and understanding of financial crimes, and the importance of their elimination.

The target group were compliance persons from the financial sector, including the Jamaica Bankers Association, Credit Unions, Remittance Services and the Cambio Association. In keeping with its theme of a collaborative approach, critical partners of the FID such as the Tax Administration of Jamaica (TAJ), Office of the Services Commission, the Revenue Protection Division (RPD), Jamaica Customs Agency (JCA) and the Ministry of National Security were also in attendance.

The conference was led by the Chief Technical Director of the FID, Justin Felice and participants were greeted by the Honourable Peter Bunting, Minister of National Security, His Excellency David Fitton, the British High Commissioner, Deputy Commissioner of Police, Carl Williams and Mr. Nigel Holness, Vice President of the Jamaica Bankers Association. All congratulated the FID on this initiative and “new level of maturity” to combating the scourge and fact of financial crimes. The keynote address was given by Dr. Shazeeda Ali of the Norman Manley Law School.

Participants also completed feedback form and the immediate reaction was that the Conference fulfilled its objectives and they look forward to the next engagement.


There were presentations on the following